Completed Theses

PhD Theses

  • Georgia-Roumpini Iordanidou (2017): Traffic flow control on motorways for throughput maximization. -LINK-
  • Maria Kontorinaki (2017): Advanced nonlinear control concepts for freeway traffic networks. -LINK-

MSc Theses

  • Markos Fountoulakis (2016): Highway traffic state estimation with mixed connected and conventional vehicles: Microscopic simulation testing. -LINK-
  • Georgia Perraki (2016): Evaluation of a model predictive control strategy on a calibrated multilane microscopic model. -LINK-
  • Sofia Papadopoulou (2017): Microscopic simulation-based validation of a per lane traffic state estimation scheme on highways with connected vehicles. -LINK-
  • Typaldos Panagiotis (2017): Minimization of fuel consumption for vehicle trajectories. -LINK-

Diploma Theses

  • Dimitra Dimitriadi (2015): Application of Optimal Control methods for the fuel consumption minimization of vehicles on motorways. (in Greek) -LINK-
  • Efstathios Papaliakos (2016): Application of nonlinear adaptive control to local and coordinated motorway ramp metering. (in Greek) -LINK-
  • Panagiotis Stratidis (2016): Modelling of cooperative lane changing in highways. -LINK-
  • Antonios Georgantas (2016): Vehicle path and traffic flow optimization via lane changing of automated or semi-automated vehicles on motorways. -LINK-
  • Iris Filopoulou (2016): Multi-lane traffic state estimation in presence of connected vehicles: A case study for highway I-80, Emeryville, California. (in Greek) -LINK-
  • Vasiliki Kalliga (2017): Model calibration with variable speed limits on motorways. -LINK-