Project Description

TRAMAN21 comprises five interconnected Work Packages (WP): (1) Overview, Analysis and Exploitation of VACS will address all existing or envisaged VACS options, assess their relevance for traffic management, and develop, for a most relevant subset of VACS, appropriate exploitation possibilities towards a more efficient motorway traffic flow; (2) Traffic Flow Modelling in Presence of VACS will adopt and develop appropriate models and modelling approaches, at the microscopic and macroscopic levels, that will allow for a proper reflection of the evolving vehicle features and capabilities; (3) Motorway Traffic Control will develop a generic hierarchical control structure applicable under all different VACS scenarios, as well as detailed control strategies, to be tested in simulation, for selected VACS scenarios; (4) Local Field Test will design and carry out a field demonstration of a local control system, using conventional means (VSL signs) that mimic individual speed commands under VACS; and (5) Dissemination will undertake a multitude of actions aiming at promoting the ground-breaking character of TRAMAN21 research. The intended developments and methodology are described in more detail in what follows.

WP1: Overview, Analysis and Exploitation of VACS

WP2: Traffic Flow Modelling in Presence of VACS

WP3: Motorway Traffic Control

WP4: Local Field Test

WP5: Dissemination