WP1: Overview, Analysis and Exploitation of VACS

Vehicle Automation and Communication Systems (VACS) are systems that undertake different vehicle functions at various levels of automation, which, enhanced by communication features enabling varying levels of cooperation among vehicles (V2V) and/or vehicles and the infrastructure (V2I), aim at assisting and easing the driving task.

For the needs of the TRAMAN21 project, VACS are initially classified into the following three general categories:

For more information on a specific category, please follow the corresponding category link above. For more information on the relevance assessment of the motorway traffic related VACS from a traffic management perspective, click here. For an outline of the current trends and future perspectives of VACS, as identified through the review and analysis, click here. For the complete report on VACS overview and analysis from a motorway traffic management perspective click here.

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  • Papageorgiou, M., Diakaki, C., Nikolos, I., Ntousakis, I., Papamichail, I., Roncoli C.: Freeway traffic management in presence of VACS (Vehicle Automation and Communication Systems), In Road Vehicle Automation 2, Meyer, G., Beiker S., (Eds.), Series Lecture Notes in Mobility, Springer, Cham, 2015, pp. 205-214.

Last updated on 15/07/2015.