WP4: Local Field Test

To strengthen, reinforce and partly demonstrate the developments of TRAMAN21, to increase its deployment prospects, but also, last not least, to enable sensible traffic flow improvements even under the current conditions, it is deemed crucial to include in the planned TRAMAN21 activities a local control system field test on a European motorway that will deliver genuine operational evidence and preliminary realistic quantification of the benefits induced by the proposed control approach. The field test will address a major, daily active bottleneck and will employ the generic characteristics of the LCS developed in Task 3.2. Conventional VSL signs will be considered as an actuator because they are available at many sites and can be used as a surrogate of some VACS that are currently under development. A merging active bottleneck will be selected for LCS application, if possible, in the aim of maximising its, typically strongly degraded, throughput. The field test endeavour includes a number of tasks as follows:

Task 4.1: Organisational Issues

Task 4.2: Design and Implementation

Task 4.3: Demonstration and Evaluation