Ms. Julie Vlachou

Julie Vlachou received the Diploma degree in Computer Engineering from the Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete in October 2010. Currently she is an MSc Student at the same department, and a research associate with the TRAMAN21 project. The topic of her MSc Thesis is the Development of Software Tools and Programming Languages for modeling, simulating, and monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks Systems.

Since February 2011 she has worked as a laboratory tutor for courses of Operating Systems and Computational Geometry & Multidimensional Data. Her main research interests are: distributed networks and systems, event-driven simulation algorithms and techniques, development of software tools and programming languages, 3d Graphic Arts and Tools. Her general interests include free software, theater & philosophy.

She was a research associate with the Dynamic Systems & Simulation Laboratory, Technical University of Crete, from June to August 2013.