Motorway traffic related VACS

Motorway traffic related VACS may be classified according to their aimed functionalities in the following categories:

The focus of TRAMAN21 project is on these systems, which may be deployed for motorway traffic management purposes.

To improve traffic flow efficiency, motorway traffic management should be able to make control decisions regarding speeds, headways, and lane change/merge manoeuvres of the vehicles, as well as to provide route guidance. To this end, efficient control algorithms and strategies are necessary, as well as suitable actuators to enable the materialisation of the control decisions and recommendations. These actuators may be provided by motorway traffic related VACS depending upon:

  • Their enabled function(s), which when deployed consciously may have extremely positive effects to the traffic flow
  • Their level of autonomy, which defines their functional requirements, as well as their deployment potential by the motorway traffic management system

According to their enabled function(s), motorway traffic related VACS may be classified in:

According to their level of autonomy, motorway traffic related VACS may be classified in:

To see the specific systems within each category, follow the corresponding category link above. To find out more about these systems, check the provided references. Click here for a complete record of references.

For a complete mapping of the motorway traffic-related VACS with respect to their function(s) and level of autonomy click here.

Last updated on 03/06/2014.